Be The Light - A Fundraiser for Photographer Rachael Short


Rachael has identified two powerful tools for her early recovery. It is documented that in the first year after a suffering the kind of injury Rachael has, recovery is dependant on rigorous physical therapy, exercise, and in many success stories Acupuncture. These items are not covered by any insurance Rachael has but never the less are needed for her next step in recovery. Join us in helping Rachael reach the highest level of rehabilitation she can with the help of these tools. A chance to donate funds for these items will be offered at the Be The Light Fundraiser. Thank you!

FES powered rehabilitation therapy system
RT 300 leg and arm system,
more info at
Cost around $15,000


Dr. Zhu "On My Feet" Rehabilitation Program
more info at
Cost around $26,000 for a one year program



If you would like to make a donation via mail in form of a check, please send the check made payable to "Rachael Short Benefit Fund" to the following address:

c/o Rachael Short Benefit Fund
P.O. Box 6445
Carmel, CA 93921